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Considering a Career Change later in Life

There has been a lot written about the boomers seeking out new careers and making decisions to seek out greener pastures in alternative professions or trades. We wanted to get some first hand feedback on the greatest motivators to making a career change. And we wanted to get a realistic read on the level of willingness and desire to make such commitments to change. Most of all, though, we were interested in learning about fears, particularly in today’s economy. So…
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“Do what you love, the money will follow”

I’m thrilled to be able to share this real story about job transition with our readers. Paul’s story is an inspiration to us all, particularly in a time of great uncertainty. In relaying his experiences about job transition, he touches upon a range of common issues: past experience, career direction, education, networking, persistance and fortitude, patience and handling rejection. And this is yet another great story that shatters those old myths about being too old to learn, not to mention…
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Older Workers crave achievement too

I read a good number of the comments and inquiries that come into our customer service box from our older Job Seekers. There are definitely some themes and consistencies to what the over 50 job seekers are thinking about and dealing with. This came in last week from a job seeker: “I am frustrated that I cannot get a position that would capitalize on my marketing background,”… . “I am not doing what I am capable of doing and it…
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