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Job-Hunting Resources

What a pleasant surprise to open the NY Times Sunday paper and see three familiar names of leaders in the job search industry. All I consider friends. Richard Nelson Bolles spoke at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan recently. If you haven’t heard of Richard Bolles, he is the author of the classic job hunting reference book “What Color Is Your Parachute“. The 39th annual edition will be published in October 2008. As part of his presentation at the Manhattan…
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Learn more about yourself. Take a test!

Ever wonder what it is about a job that you just don’t like? In my earlier jobs I was frequently discontented but unsure of the reasons. There were always so many variables to consider – my bosses, my peers and coworkers, the nature of the work, too much travel, the deadlines, the office, the commute, the predetermined programs and so on. Later I worked in a position that provided great levels of satisfaction, despite long hours and regardless of the…
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