Job of the Month – Project Manager – Twin Cities Public Television

TPT/Twin Cities Public Television is pleased to announce the position opening for a Project Manager, part-time temporary with possible full-time temporary status starting in October, 2008. This position helps to lead a national public television project that uses television series and specials, the Web and outreach via 350 public television stations to reach and serve America’s booming aging population. The Project Manager is responsible for managing the development of this major public television initiative by participating in the overall project…
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Thoughts from the Kennedy 2008 recruiting conference

Just returned from the conference and will share some of my initial thoughts. This conference was attended by 1500 recruiters and HR personnel.  The sessions, in general, were good.  I heard lots of discussion on how companies should manage and measure their hiring practices.  All the good things that we have heard discussed for years – how to best create communication and collaboration between the recruiting staff and the hiring managers. The topic near and dear to me, retention and…
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Job of the Month – Development Marketing Manager – New York City

Position Description: Human Rights First seeks a Development Marketing Manager in its New York office. The Development Marketing Manager is responsible for producing communications materials to support the work of Human Rights First’s development department. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 30, 2008 START DATE: THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE HIRE For more information see the detailed job posting.

Pah-leaze… don’t be “A Decider” in your later years

I have to confess, the line that really caught my attention in this article was the reference to our president, “the Decider”, and the statement that “to decide is to kill off all possibilities but one.”  It turns out that we, as complex human beings, really can improve, not just maintain, the health of our brains as we age.  In The New York Times on May 4th (Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?), Janet Rae-Dupree challenges us to…
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Learn more about yourself. Take a test!

Ever wonder what it is about a job that you just don’t like? In my earlier jobs I was frequently discontented but unsure of the reasons. There were always so many variables to consider – my bosses, my peers and coworkers, the nature of the work, too much travel, the deadlines, the office, the commute, the predetermined programs and so on. Later I worked in a position that provided great levels of satisfaction, despite long hours and regardless of the…
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