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Tips on Managing Stress

Back on July 9th I read an interesting article titled “How to Fix a Career in the Dumps”, by Grace L. Williams of The Wall Street Journal.  In it, she provides excerpts from an interview with author and management consultant, Michelle DeAngelis.  Ms. DeAngelis wrote the book Get A Life That Doesn’t Suck.  Let me preface this post by saying that I have not yet read the book.  But there are two points, actually three, that just jump right out…
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Hats off to Age-Friendly Employers

Today I’m issuing a confession and congratulations all in a single post.  We work hard here at Workforce50.com and progress is painfully slow sometimes.  But we’re committed to being an honest, high-quality web site with a mission and purpose of serving the over fifty community with employment information and resources.  My confession as the Editor of this web site is that I’m sooooo frustrated by the complaints that we receive about the low number of job postings on the web…
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Considering a Career Change later in Life

There has been a lot written about the boomers seeking out new careers and making decisions to seek out greener pastures in alternative professions or trades. We wanted to get some first hand feedback on the greatest motivators to making a career change. And we wanted to get a realistic read on the level of willingness and desire to make such commitments to change. Most of all, though, we were interested in learning about fears, particularly in today’s economy. So…
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Consider your Peripheral Vision…Again

A friend shared an article from the New York Times Magazine with me today called “The Case for Working with Your Hands”, by Matthew B. Crawford.  Turns out, this is an engaging excerpt from his soon-to-be-released book titled, Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work.  In this excerpt, Mr. Crawford explores the societal push toward becoming a “knowledge” economy whereby the young are pressured into pursuing educations and career paths that may, in reality, deny their…
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Workforce50.com selected by CBSNEWS Early Show for it’s Job Squad series

As my friends from Oklahoma would say “this has been a hoot”.   A CBSNEWS producer contacted me in early Janurary requesting that Workforce50.com participate in their upcoming Early Show series on finding employment.  This series would be a 5 part series featuring 4 job seekers – a new grad, a higher income person, a person returning to the workforce and someone over 55.   Obviously CBSNEWS requested that Workforce50.com represent the over 55 segment. We eagerly and proudly jumped in to the project.  The…
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