Survey of Older Workers

Hello, all! My name is Michelle Paggi, Ph.D. Candidate at Fordham University’s psychology program. I am currently conducting a survey for my dissertation on the experiences of older workers at their jobs and their expectations for their occupational future. The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete; please note that if you don’t have the time to finish the survey in one session, you may go back to the survey at another time. By taking the time…
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Ready? Set. Go! Make it happen in 2013!

It’s only natural to evaluate what is and what might be at the beginning of any new year. I know I am…particularly as I begin 2013. New situations are scary. Exciting, challenging, and scary all at the same time. I’ve just taken over the Publisher position for and look forward to making some changes in the coming months. I want to create a dialogue here. The focus is employment. But my focus is not just making a living but…
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Past Accomplishments as a Source of Confidence

Confidence is an essential component in so many facets of life. You may be involved in a hobby or a sport and need to have confidence in your abilities to compete, learn, play or perform. You may be launching your new job search and need to have confidence in the skills and competencies that you can bring to a new employer. Confidence is an amazing force in your day to day life. It drives the way that you face challenges,…
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Employers should not hire older workers!

Heresy you say? As the publisher of the career site for the older workforce how can I make such a statement? Promoting the idea that “the older workforce is the most underutilized talent pool in the nation” does not correlate with this statement. Have I gone bonkers in this advanced age? Perhaps, but it is true. Let me continue this distorted thought process. Employers should not hire younger or new grad workers.  Ok, now that we’ve eliminated nearly two thirds…
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Beware of Fraudulent Job Postings

The use of job boards to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting job seekers is growing at an alarming rate. There are many domestic and international predators looking to relieve you of your money or personal information. Most are out of reach of law enforcement.  Many, if not most, are international. Even if the US law enforcement would get involved the likelihood of convictions is very small.