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Job Seekers

Past Accomplishments as a Source of Confidence

Confidence is an essential component in so many facets of life. You may be involved in a hobby or a sport and need to have confidence in your abilities to compete, learn, play or perform. You may be launching your new job search and need to have confidence in the skills and competencies that you can bring to a new employer. Confidence is an amazing force in your day to day life. It drives the way that you face challenges,…
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Beware of Fraudulent Job Postings

The use of job boards to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting job seekers is growing at an alarming rate. There are many domestic and international predators looking to relieve you of your money or personal information. Most are out of reach of law enforcement.  Many, if not most, are international. Even if the US law enforcement would get involved the likelihood of convictions is very small.

Job Search Burnout

We all get job search burnout.  Some get it more than once. Let’s take a look at some of the things that push us there: “Not interested in older workers.” Don’t even get a chance to interview. Interviews don’t go well. and many more Yes, they are all valid for some situations. But what are we going to do? I’ll tell you what most normal people do.  They: Practice the art of inaction, Are not aggressive, Act defeated in their…
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14 Good Reasons to Continue to Work

It is on many peoples minds as they start moving towards retirement age, “Should I continue work?” I’m often asked by reporters doing articles on older workers “Do you see workers deferring retirement due to the current economic conditions?” My answer is consistently yes. Not only are workers continuing to work but many are returning to work after retirement. Besides economic there are many other reasons to continue or return to working. Carleen Mackay has offered her version of 14…
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Older Workers crave achievement too

I read a good number of the comments and inquiries that come into our customer service box from our older Job Seekers. There are definitely some themes and consistencies to what the over 50 job seekers are thinking about and dealing with. This came in last week from a job seeker: “I am frustrated that I cannot get a position that would capitalize on my marketing background,”… . “I am not doing what I am capable of doing and it…
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