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Past Accomplishments as a Source of Confidence

By Nancy J. Peterson  January 19th, 2011

Confidence is an essential component in so many facets of life. You may be involved in a hobby or a sport and need to have confidence in your abilities to compete, learn, play or perform. You may be launching your new job search and need to have confidence in the skills and competencies that you can bring to a new employer. Confidence is an amazing force in your day to day life. It drives the way that you face challenges, meet new people, communicate, and, in short, behave in most situations. Confidence for many of us can also be a fragile force that can be influenced by so many outside and unrelated factors. It is essential to hold on to and it must be managed by anyone who is less than a complete egotist. That means that most of us need to manage our confidence as we approach any activity, and that goes specifically for job search activities.


Beware of Fraudulent Job Postings

By admin  October 5th, 2009

The use of job boards to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting job seekers is growing at an alarming rate. There are many domestic and international predators looking to relieve you of your money or personal information.

Most are out of reach of law enforcement.  Many, if not most, are international. Even if the US law enforcement would get involved the likelihood of convictions is very small. (more…)

Job Search Burnout

By admin  September 8th, 2009

We all get job search burnout.  Some get it more than once. Let’s take a look at some of the things that push us there:

  • “Not interested in older workers.”
  • Don’t even get a chance to interview.
  • Interviews don’t go well.
  • and many more

Yes, they are all valid for some situations. But what are we going to do? I’ll tell you what most normal people do.  They:

  • Practice the art of inaction,
  • Are not aggressive,
  • Act defeated in their presentation to a prospective employer,
  • Are not interested in suggestions from others (If this is you then stop reading now),
  • Keep doing what hasn’t worked yet, or they
  • Come to the point in a job search that they’ll take anything.

Do you see yourself in there? Can you add more to the list? Let’s relate all of these to the word “If” and test yourself to see if you have these of any other If”s.


14 Good Reasons to Continue to Work

By admin  September 15th, 2008

It is on many peoples minds as they start moving towards retirement age, “Should I continue work?” I’m often asked by reporters doing articles on older workers “Do you see workers deferring retirement due to the current economic conditions?” My answer is consistently yes. Not only are workers continuing to work but many are returning to work after retirement. Besides economic there are many other reasons to continue or return to working.

Carleen Mackay has offered her version of 14 good reasons to return to work. First a little about Carleen. She has many credentials to her name. A few I’ll mention here. Carleen ‘s web site is She also publishes a bi -monthly newsletter “For the Mature Workforce”. She and Brad Taft are the co-publishers of the book, Boom or Bust, and their new book, Return of The Boomers, is now at the printers. Carleen is a sought after speaker and writer on issues of the mature work force from both the job seeker and employer views. The real good news is that Carleen has volunteered to be a guest writer on this blog. I’m excited to welcome Carleen to the team.

Following is the list of reasons to continue work:

1. You are programmed to live longer, much longer, than your parents lived.
In 1935 when Social Security benefits began, American men lived until 59 and women until 61. As you can see, few collected! Today’s numbers are 79 and 81. A difference of 20 years is a very long time to sit on your duff.

2. You are likely to suffer from nasty withdrawal if you abruptly leave the world of work.
A sudden change from full-time, demanding work to no work of any sort just may be your very worst option. (more…)

Older Workers crave achievement too

By Nancy J. Peterson  July 28th, 2008

I read a good number of the comments and inquiries that come into our customer service box from our older Job Seekers. There are definitely some themes and consistencies to what the over 50 job seekers are thinking about and dealing with.

This came in last week from a job seeker:

“I am frustrated that I cannot get a position that would capitalize on my marketing background,”… . “I am not doing what I am capable of doing and it is extremely fustrating.”

This is a very common frustration among older workers. Many have worked up through the ranks and their careers have either stalled or taken somewhat of a backward slide. They are capable of doing much more and they WANT to do much more. They WANT to work and work hard. There is no age limit on the desire to achieve.

My reaction is this. If you’re an employer, it would be silly not to recruit these experienced resources. Go forth and find an older overachiever! If you’re an older worker in a mid to upper level position, stay valuable, informed and up-to-date. Keep moving and let your commitment and achievements be known – constantly and subtly.